(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 1 October 2006, Cape Town, South Africa, Initiation lecture)

AnchorThe first and foremost process in our Krsna consciousness is the chanting of the holy name of the Lord. Therefore at the time of initiation, we speak of the ten offences which are listed in the Padma Purana. These must be avoided in the chanting of the holy name so that we can get the full success of chanting. Otherwise, it is like keeping out our anchor. When we keep out the anchor, then even when we struggle so hard in devotional service, we don’t feel like we are making so much advancement. So, whenever we feel like we are not making so much advancement, then we should think deeply about these ten offences.

The first offence is to blaspheme the devotees who have dedicated their lives to glorifying Krsna. That is not so easy because we see genuine faults because devotees are all conditioned – well, practically most of them – and conditioned souls have four imperfections. One of those is that they make mistakes. So, we see that they make mistakes. It is philosophically correct that they make mistakes when they are conditioned, yet we are not supposed to find any fault.

So, what to do!? We have to try and not pay any real attention to it. It is all not very relevant, negligible and not important. Like, just look at this wood. You see the wood on the right there; it does not look very good. It is a little dark and not so nice and green as the other wood. But at the end, who cares. After the yajna, it will all be gone; it will all be ashes; it will all be pure because it will be purified in the sacrifice.

Therefore devotees are all good because they are committing themselves to the process and that is so nice. The fact that someone comes to this movement and stays means that they are sincere. You cannot be around for a long time and not be sincere. It is not possible because the principles are not too much; the standards are too high. Therefore we must see the sincerity in everyone who stays and in this way overlook the faults in a person.


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