(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 9 April 2013, Pretoria, South Africa, Disciple meeting)

procession dbn 2013Recently, we saw how Indradyumna Maharaja took our Ratha Yatra in Durban and turned the whole thing upside down. Have you noticed it? It was quite amazing that one Swami could do that; he is very powerful – spiritually and also materially. So he did it, he turned it upside down and started preaching to all kinds of communities.

At one point, I was leading this kirtan and it is my new melody that was born in Vrndavan in meditative days, therefore it is a little sweet and meditative. And I was just in that kirtan and that kirtan in the Ratha Yatra was different. It started to take-off and everyone got into it. At one point, Jayadvaita Maharaja came into the tent and he started to dance like anything, which is kind of unusual. Usually it’s Q & A, but this time, he was leaping in the air so that was special. Then suddenly Indradyumna Maharaja came storming on the stage and with a thundering voice, “Keep it up! Don’t stop! Down there are all the VIPs and they’re dancing.” 

Later Indradyumna Maharaja told me of his speech with the mayor. He gave this speech and he said to the mayor, “You know I tried to make this a multi-cultural festival and my dream was to bring 25% African people, 25% European people and 50% Indians but I failed; I am so sorry.”

african dancers in dbnThen the mayor came and said, “Don’t worry Swami, you did very well. You know what, next year you can have the same site and the city will pay for the whole festival!”

After that I thought, “I will not criticize him for anything.” That was amazing, that was transcendental and that was Krsna. Somehow or other, Prabhupada also had that spirit of wanting to push Krsna consciousness beyond the borders of our own little world. And I must say that I am not that powerful, especially when it comes to getting money; money never comes easy to me, it’s always hard work but I get some.

I have a desire to also do something here in Pretoria, something in Krsna consciousness. I don’t identify with one place or with one particular group of people. In this country, you have to be so careful – if you was too much with the Indians then you are an Indian Swami; if you are too much with the Africans then you are an African Swami. It gets like that, that whoever you are with too much then you get that stamp. But no, I’m with everyone. I’m with Pretoria, I’m with Lenasia, I’m with the Midrand nama-hatta and all the other alliances. I would like to see it all grow.


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