(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 14 March 2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Bhagavad-Gita 7.24)

Radha gopinatha_3 May 2013The law of attraction is there and we think that whatever we think about, we will attract it. But actually, it is the opposite; we are the ones who are being attracted all the time. “Oh, the birds! Oh, the sun! Oh, the reflection in the water! Oh, the forest! Oh, so beautiful.” And if we are not being attracted then we get depressed, “Life has no use. Life has no meaning. Is there a bridge or maybe a tower? Life is miserable…” 

But when we appreciate that we are the ones who are attracted, then we can understand that ultimately what we are looking for is not just something just a little bit attractive, or quite attractive. No, we want somebody totally attractive and that is Krsna! Because the translation of the name Krsna means he is the all attractive. Gradually one finds this out. So Yudhisthira knew the secret. Yudhisthira understood it and that is why he was meant to be the emperor of the world.

We think about today and our own life and about the law of attraction. Sometimes, I do think about money but it does not come; sometimes it does but not always. But one thing is for sure, I do not know how it happened but I got attracted by Krsna somehow or other, and now I want to serve. I never wanted such things before, I hated serving. Back then, I hated it but now I want to serve. Because when you get attracted to someone, then you want to serve. When you love someone then you want to serve them. So that is very nice, then everything will become sacred, meaningful, and satisfying. What more shall I say… Everything will be alright and exciting!


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