(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 03 May 2013, Radhadesh, Belgium, Free lecture)

Krishna_with_gopisLove of God means loving everything about him. Loving the way he plays his flute; loving his lotus eyes, his lotus hands, his lotus mouth, his lotus navel, his lotus feet – everything about Krsna is just lovable. And that’s the whole idea.

So, it’s not just, ‘We have love of God!’

What is it?

It’s love.

Tell us something more about that love.

Well, it’s just a very great love, you know. It’s everywhere! It’s like… love!

No, it’s not like that. We love the way Krsna is dealing with his devotees. We love it that he is stealing prasadam. We love it that among the cowherd boys they steal lunch packages. We love it that Krsna is playing his flute in a way that no one can imagine. We love it that he is into word games. There are things to love. So, love of Krsna is not just love of God – it’s very concrete. And there is more and more to discover. And all that is to be loved.

So in this way, love of God is a very clear thing. It’s not vague, it’s not just universal and all-inclusive. No, we love Krsna, Krsna’s wonderful pastimes, his very amazing pastimes because he’s so human.



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