(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 25 May 2013, Simhachalam, Germany)

6941400533_97e6da5eae_zSometimes when reflecting on my life, there are a good number of years in Krsna consciousness and there was also a life before that, but in reflecting on my life then sometimes I think, “Well, I did not really learn anything from the scriptures. Actually everything I learned, I learned from life itself and the scriptures provided the purports.”

It is like that, life has provided me experiences that were intense – sometimes sweet and sometimes the opposite – and I became shaped by that. Then the scripture give me the perspective on how to actually deal with all of these lessons. Because a thousand good instructions were falling on deaf ears, in my case.

There are so many good injunctions in scripture but how much are we really able to make a change? That is a question on my mind.



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