(Kadamba Kanana Swami, June 2013, Bratislava, Slovakia, Radio Interview)

All over the world, when you mention the word ‘Hare Krsna’, people will picture singing and dancing in the street. I experienced this myself when I saw the Hare Krsna movement walking through Bratislava; I noticed that everyone was smiling! It was difficult not to notice this. Why is everyone smiling when they are singing Hare Krsna? It might sound like a strange question but I did question it when I saw it.

polish tourWell, you know, some people perceive a very positive energy when they see people who are happily chanting, singing, dancing – it’s a happy process and it’s a happy message. On a deeper spiritual level also, something very positive is taking place. Every action has a reaction and this is called the law of karma. The chanting of Hare Krsna immediately relieves a lot of karma.

One may think, “What is going on here. These people are chanting and dancing!” Some people call out, “Go get a job! Go get a job! Do something useful.”

But the truth is actually that it (the chanting) makes a direct contribution. It creates purity in the atmosphere immediately and in people’s thoughts. It reawakens a religious sense in people. It dissolves bad karma that may have piled up and everyone feels relieved. It has a relieving potency therefore it’s not surprising that people smile. It lightens up the atmosphere!



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