(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 30 June 2013, Vrndavan, India, Lecture to the kirtan group)

KKS in Aindra Prabhu's roomKrsna is so kind, he gives us the spiritual world. I often think about that. Krsna thought to himself:

Oh, there are those living beings who have turned away from me. Things are not complete without them. Let me do something for them. Let me give them some mercy. But why would I give them only some mercy? Why don’t I just give them all the mercy? Why would I hold back and give them only some? I’ll give them all the mercy!

And then he placed the spiritual world in the material world. How it mathematically fits, the tripada-vibhuti fits into the eka-pada vibhuti – that I leave to the mathematicians. But Krsna did it, you know. He did it! He put it in! So that is something.

When I think about that, then I know that Krsna is not just supplying us with mercy in reciprocation for our service but even causeless mercy.


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