227070_10150570004290375_215886190374_18217425_6516748_n“Janmastami is not just an ordinary day! We must celebrate Janmastami – it is our spiritual duty! It is actually a day when we can permanently deepen our relationship with Krsna!”

“One detail that is given is that at the time when Krsna appeared, Nanda Maharaj was giving charity. He opened up his  treasury and allowed everyone to go inside and take whatever they wanted. Now you can imagine if they would do that to us, right? ‘Bring the truck! Bring the train! Bring another truck! You said we could take everything we desired!‘ With a magnifying glass, we would pick up the last lost pearl left in the dust in the corner. But somehow or other, everyone went into the treasury of Nanda Maharaj, took whatever they desired and was fully satisfied yet still there was something left for Nanda Maharaj. Everyone was satisfied like this. So, we see that the residents there were all wonderful personalities, all wonderful devotees. In the whole environment where Krsna appeared, everything became so favourable, so wonderful. In this way, we need not be foolishly attached to the little bit of  pleasure that is here in this material world. The pleasure of the spiritual abode of Krsna is unlimitedly greater! There is no need to hesitate for a moment! Let’s run! Let’s run  towards the spiritual world, not drag our feet!”

“If we want to go fast, if we really want to go quickly to Krsna then we must fill the maximum amount of time, we must use the maximum amount of our energy simply for glorifying Krsna. That can be done in many ways – it can be done by energy, can be done by possessions, can be done by intelligence, can be done by wit – but  somehow or other, we must always glorify Krsna”

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Goloka Dhama, Abentheuer, Germany, August 2006)

eyes“Krsna is the all-attractive, all-good, all-kind Supreme Personality of Godhead; the friend of all living beings. He is the reservoir of  pleasure. There is no limit to Krsna’s kindness, no limit to Krsna’s mercy. Although he is atmaram, he is totally satisfied within himself and has no need for anything, still Krsna feels something lacking when a living being goes to the material world. Why is Krsna getting impatient? He is not getting impatient for himself. He is not getting impatient just because he can’t wait for us to return. He is getting impatient because he knows that we are unfulfilled even if we are not terribly suffering! There is no other destiny than to be unfulfilled, outside of the spiritual  world, outside of a relationship with Krsna. Therefore, when Krsna is applying a little bit of force to bring us back, that is for our own good because here there is no way, no way that we can be fulfilled.”

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Durban, South Africa, 2009)



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