(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 20 May 2012, Melbourne, Australia, Bhakti Bhavan Program)

Question: I feel that I suffer from depression. Can we please talk about it and do you have some solution?

15aug2013_3Well, it is good to be depressed about material life but one should be very optimistic about spiritual life. So, if we are depressed then we are one sided because in spiritual life, one is always optimistic as no one loses. In spiritual life, there are no losers! No one. Anyone who comes to the temple is getting benefit. It is not that some are always the lucky ones and I am always missing out. No, in spiritual life, no one misses out as everyone makes advancement, everyone gets blessings and for everyone there is improvement.

When we are depressed, it means that we are thinking about material life. I agree with you that there many reasons to get depressed about material life. I would be depressed also about material life, “Is this all there is, is this all there is, is this all there is? What the point of this?” That is material life – all reasons to be depressed. So, don’t worry about it. It is totally normal. You are healthy and all you have to do is take up some spiritual activity and the positive element will come into your life.



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