(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 12 July 2013, Fuska Gouranga, Serbia, Seminar 3)

dancing-peacockWe must go to Vrindavan. There is no doubt about it. We must go. We must roll in the dust. We must taste the mahaprasadam. We must jump in the Yamuna.

Oh, but is the Yamuna still there?

Of course it is! On the spiritual platform, it is still there. It is only the external covering of the dham that can be affected by a dam in Dehli. The eternal Yamuna is there  eternally. The dham is ther eeternally. The dham cannot disappear no matter what human beings put on top of it. Even if we get the Vrindavan Hilton, it is still Vrndavan.

The Yamuna can never leave Vrindavan. Still, we would like the covering of Vrindavan to be as transparent as possible to the eternal Vrindavan.

But even if in the covering of Vrindavan there are so many irregularities now, underneath the eternal Vrindavan is unchanged and still there. Therefore we must go. We must go.

And don’t say, “Oh, where are the peacocks now?”

They are there. We just need the eyes to see them – the eternal peacocks , the ones that danced with Krsna, the ones that when Krsna played his flute danced so enthusiastically and so happily that Krsna bowed down before them like a musical performer. And then the peacocks gracefully presented him with a gift – one of their feathers, and Krsna accepted it and put it on his head.

That Vrindavan is there for us to see. It just depends on the purity of our heart. So now we can prepare and try to become purified so that when we go to Vrindavan, we can actually perceive the transcendental spiritual world.


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