(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 10 July 2013, Serbian Summer Camp, Fruska Gouranga, Seminar Part 2)

radha_krishna_fullCaitanya Caritamrta describes how Srimati Radharani is discovering the qualities of Krsna and each time that she founds a new quality of Krsna, she loves that quality also. In this way, her love for Krsna is eternally increasing, unlike material relationships. It is love and romance at the beginning and then later… a belly, sitting in front of TV, snoring and sweating. The romance days are over – she has cold pins and not as beautiful as before. This is all mundane; it goes like that.

But in the spiritual world, it is not that love reaches a saturation point. It is always increasing, always new, there are always more qualities to discover and love is growing! As the love of Radharani grows, it touches Krsna’s heart and his love also grows. In this way, the love of Radha and Krsna is growing eternally! But not only of Radha and Krsna but of Krsna and all the devotees.

When we speak about the ocean of transcendental love that the Goswamis were absorbed in, it is always increasing. It is the love of devotees that is increasing in discovering Krsna’s unlimited qualities and it is Krsna whose love is increasing in seeing that love increasing – like this, it grows and grows! If even one soul is not part of it, Krsna feels something lacking therefore Krsna is eager to bring this one soul also. There is some incompleteness, although the nectar is unlimited, still it could be more unlimited.

Therefore Krsna could not wait any longer. When nobody watched, he put some sand in the sweet rice and we are here enjoying –  sense gratification! But in reality, we enjoy sand gratification. We enjoy the suffering in the material energy and after a while we say, “I don’t want this anymore.” So Krsna arranges like this. So, it is sweet after all but it takes some philosophical depth to capture that.



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