(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 20 March 2013, Cape Town, South Africa, BTS Vyasa Puja Talk)

BTS_loveBhakti Tirtha Swami showed the message of love at the end because in the process of leaving this world, he did not make that just a private affair. He did not just turn away from the world in a mood of, “Well, now I have to go. Bye.”

No! In an intense way, he really connected with everyone, especially his disciples, and also so many others. Whoever was ready, he would give them so much energy, that he was actually comforting people; he was inspiring them. He was giving instead of taking some support; instead of waiting for the sympathy of the visitors to sort of cheer him up in the midst of the misery of dying!

He was the one who gave everyone fresh energy, fresh inspiration with whomever he dealt with. And he just grew that to a proportion of spiritual depth and ecstasy that it was extraordinary. He was beaming. He was just full of effulgence at that time and one could see. You know, in America, they say “Put your money where your mouth is,” and he did it. He showed us. He spoke all these years of love and love and love… and then at the end, he really showed that he had it, that it wasn’t just a speech but that he had that love in his heart, and he gave it to everyone!

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