Moving website wordpressOn the 27th of Aug 2013 it happened. The website got hacked, or actually, our hosting company, WestHost, got severely hacked. More then 500 clients and their websites were affected. And 10 days later Westhost still has clients and websites that are offline, including our blog. Our site was protected against hackers, and fortunately we had daily backups of all our content. So the damage was minimal. But after 10 days of downtime it was time to move on.

New Hosting

After many calls to WestHost support, and repeatedly being told that they are very busy, they will get to it asap, etc, i made the decision to move KKSBlog to another hosting company. At the moment of writing  the hosting at Westhost is still not working.

At the end of every year i take time to evaluate the hosting company and the performance of KKSBlog. And that was also the plan for November of this year. But current events made me act quickly to get the blog working again. And since you are reading this means that the new hosting is functioning.


We have moved to a hosting company called DreamHost. The price was right and their offer exactly fitted with the requirements, so we hope it will all work out nicely. Dreamhost offers a special hosting service for WordPress, the software that kksblog is using. This special hosting is currently in beta.


Hosting (DreamPress) : $25/mo
Backup: $15/mo
Domain name registration: $5/mo

(Optional: Hacker Protection: $9/mo)
Total yearly: $ 540  ($648 with hacker protection)

Your Support

If you like KKSBlog you can return the favor. Please donate for our new hosting. See also our backers below. We set a goal of 2 weeks to gather the necessary funds. So we should have a minimum of 400 euro on the 17 of Sept.  Go to our Support page.



The most important people. Without you this blog cannot continue. Thank you for your quick support!

  • Visvambara Caitanya das, Belgium
  • Csitraketu das, Csaba Szabó, Hungary
  • Aindavi dd, Australia
  • Gita Govinda devi dasi, The Netherlands
  • Keshava Madhava das, Switzerland
  • subhash velagapudi – Sudama das
  • Shiva Nanda
  • Ravindra Svarupa Das, The Netherlands
  • Uddhava das, The Netherlands

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  1. Hi Uddhava,

    Our 50 plus websites with have been down for the past 3 days now with no explanation as to why this is happening or when it will be resolved.

    I read your post above, stating that they were hacked. How do you know this? Did they actually email you or did they actually tell you this? If yes, I am very puzzled and concerned as to why they have not informed their customer base, such as myself for our privacy and security.

    Please let me know when you get a chance. Much appreciated.