(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 10 July 2013, Serbian Summer Camp, Fruska Gouranga, Seminar Part 2)

krsna and gopakumarWhen a living being leaves the spiritual world, it is not that you were in the pastimes with Krsna then you went to the material world. Let’s say you were cowherd boy and suddenly there is one cowherd boy less! Then one day, you are back to Godhead and suddenly, there is again another cowherd boy running, “Somebody came back to Godhead!” It is not described like that.

Sanatana Goswami describes that Gopa Kumar comes back to this land and in this land everyone is absent minded. Gopa Kumar asks, “Where am I?” No one answers. Everyone is sort of looking in one direction, even the branches of the trees are pointing in that same direction, the birds are all looking in that same direction. That is the direction in which Krsna left that morning to go to the forest and all those remaining behind are looking in that direction, waiting for the evening, for the sign of that cloud of the dust coming in the sky. Before that cloud of dust, one can already hear the flute but it’s just the wind blowing into the bamboos in the forest that makes the sound of the flute. The dust is just created by some wind. It is not Krsna yet, it’s too early! So, everyone is waiting for the whole day and he sees that. So, finally when Krsna comes back from the forest and sees Gopa Kumar who in his spiritual body is known as Sarupa, he says, “Sarupa!!” Krsna sees him and faints.

And gopas who see this ask, “Who is he? Is he an agent of Kamsa?” And they are ready to get heavy. Balarama says, “No, no, no. He is actually an old friend of Krsna. Krsna is very happy to see him.” Balaram takes Sarupa by the hand and tells him, “Chant into Krsna’s ear.”

MERCIFUL GOVINDASarupa chants into Krsna’s ear and Krsna comes back to his senses, he embraces Sarup says, “Come! You take prasadam with me!” And they go to take prasadam in the house of Nanda Maharaj who is already waiting. Radharani has cooked all these delicious sweets and actually, it turns out that Sarupa is a family member. He is related to Srimati Radharani, in the family of Sridham. Sarupa is sitting next to Krsna, then some sweets are placed on Krsna’s plate and Krsna tastes them and makes a face; horrible! Everyone is shocked, what is this? Yasoda is looking at Radharani, “What did you do? What did you make here? Are you poisoning my child?”

Krsna says, “These are inedible!” He takes the sweets and throws them on Sarupa’s plate and says, “Here, you taste them since it is your family that has produced them.” And Sarupa tastes the greatest nectar, he has not tasted such nectar ever, amazing!

So in this way he returns back to Godhead; he is not just suddenly back. No, Krsna welcomes him back personally. It is a very personal thing, going back to Godhead. It is also very personal thing when we leave; it hurts Krsna very much. So like this, yes indeed, the relationship is very personal.


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