(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 12 July 2013, Fruska Gouranga, Serbia, Initiation lecture)

kks_czLife shakes us sometimes but our guru is still there – still there, doing the same thing. He is still serving Krsna and still chanting. We experience so much turbulence but he is just simply still there. That is how it’s meant to be, always!.

So that is very nice because if our guru is always fixed at Krsna’s feet, then whenever we turn to him, it means, we automatically turn to Krsna. There is no need for any big mystical insights or revelations. It’s just simple! He is fixed in serving Krsna. We turn to our guru, we seek some association of our guru and more Krsna starts coming into our life. And again, we are refreshed, and again think, okay, yes, I must try again.

Sometimes Prabhupada used to sign his letters with ‘My dear spiritual sons and daughters…’ So there is a parental element also, in the sense that, like a parent, the spiritual master has the experience and guides us in a sort of parental way.

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