(Kadamba Kanana Swami, August 2013, Abentheur, Germany, Hamsaduta Seminar Part 1)

kks_cpt_dec 2012Sri Lalita speaking to a swan (from the Hamsaduta), “May all obstacles be cast aside. May your path be easy.  Placing happiness and mercy in your heart, rise at once. The running and playing gopa boys will gaze at you with the white of their eyes”

Now comes the incentive – the blessings. Again we are the swan – don’t forget. “May all obstacles be cast aside. May your path be easy. Placing happiness and mercy in your heart, rise at once.” So these are the blessings that are upon us. Just as Lalita – as a superior, as a spiritual master in a sense – is blessing the messenger, the swan, this is the blessing of the spiritual master.

“May all obstacles be cast aside.”  The blessing is there, upon us!  And we are depressed. We are thinking [imitates a disciple making excuses], “I’ll never make it. I have to struggle so much in my spiritual life. You don’t know what I’m going through actually. I mean, I’m going through unique problems. No really! Honestly speaking.  I understand everyone has problems but I AM GOING THROUGH PROBLEMS THAT ARE ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE AND EXTREMELY COMPLICATED and actually such a hindrance, such an obstacle. I mean, it is practically impossible for me.

simhacalam_2008_04But the blessing is already there, “May all obstacles be cast aside.” Cast aside! Cast them aside! [appealing to everyone]May your path be easy. Your path is easy if you think about it! Everything is taken care of. Why this unnecessary fear?  [Imitates a devotee in distress] “Who will take care of me? Oh! What will happen to me? Where will I be? It’s not working out! I’m not getting what I wanted! Oh no! Now where will I be? My dream has not come true! What am I getting now! Now, I’m living in a reality which is not what I always dreamt that it should be. Now what will I be?”

It will be fine – just take it as it is. Stop trying to live according to your own plan. Just accept Krsna’s plan.  It is better than ours… BETTER!  “Oh but my plan is very good!”

Oh no, leave that plan. May your path be easy. The blessing is already there. It will get easier and easier. It will get very easy. Oh YES! Very blissful. [imitates a devotee making excuses]“Yeah, yeah, its easy to say for you.  You are Krsna conscious and I am not.” But why not?

Don’t worry. I said it on Janmastami and I’ll say it again today. Krsna penetrates! I used that verse were we established that Krsna will conquer. Krsna will conquer. You will be victorious. He will enter into our hearts and even the little bit of reluctance that we have gradually will be broken down, by Krsna’s blissful presence.  What can you do? He is just too blissful.



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