(Kadamba Kanana Swami, August 2013, Abentheur, Germany, Hamsaduta Seminar Part 1)

dietiesSri Lalita speaking to a swan (from the Hamsaduta), “O tilaka of the saintly devotees, taking the path famous in all the worlds by which hard-hearted Akrura quickly took away the ocean of handsomeness that rules the young gopis’ life, go to the city of the Dasarhas ”

It is natural that we go the path that Krsna went. That is the only path! The only path interesting to us is wherever Krsna went. There we will go; we follow Krsna! Krsna consciousness is so simple – not difficult! Just follow what Krsna did, follow where Krsna went, read about it and hear about it!

And each time when we make an effort in that direction, to hear about Krsna etc., as we read many times in the scripture, “May the Lord walk on the path of my eyes. May the Lord walk on the path of my ears.” We have heard that many times. So in this way, let us somehow or other, follow the path that the Lord went. That is it.

It is not that Krsna consciousness is something where we take a decision [imitates a devotee with new confidence], “You know, I’m convinced! I’m totally convinced! Prabhupada has got the truth and I know it and I’m convinced! Therefore from today on, I’ve decided that I’m going to be Krsna conscious. It is a little of an adjustment but I’m going to be Krsna conscious. I’m really going to be Krsna conscious.”

Just be Krsna conscious by following the path of Krsna. Following the path of Krsna is what will make us Krsna conscious. It is so simple; it is not complicated. We simply have to follow him (Krsna). Let’s have a look, let’s hear about it.


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