(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 8 September 2013, Johannesburg, South Africa, Home Program)

red-cows-grazingOne time, we were in Durban and Giriraj Maharaj was there. We were taking prasadam with the devotees and Maharaja suddenly said, “Its been scientifically proven that cows who eat together with other cows, give more milk.”

Bhuńkte bhojayate caiva (Nectar of Instruction, verse 4) So, I remembered that. So yes, like that, taking prasadam in the association of devotees, in the prasadam room always, will create a bond; it will bring us together.

It is very nice because it is not only about what has been cooked but it had been offered to Krsna and therefore it gives us eternal spiritual benefit. To me this point is so important, that in spiritual life, everything has that eternal dimension and that makes it different.

I mean, you can go somewhere Italian and (starts Italian accent) eat some pizza and it may be very Italian and in that way it may be full of pomodoros, tomatoes and have lots of mozzarella. It may be first class, made very nice but if it’s not offered to Krsna, then you don’t get any eternal benefit!(laughing) Tastes good for the tongue but after that, you know it is just finished, it’s gone, the benefit, if you know what I mean to say! Maybe you become Italian in next life and then you talk like this! Very tiring, very tiring to be Italian, you know.

villa-vrindavanaSo what’s the benefit. (Italian accent) We want to become Italian, huh? It’s not so bad. But then you have to become an Italian devotee. Italian devotees are very nice. They’re very nice. This summer, you know, I was in Italy. It was recently summer in Italy and I was in Villa Vrndavana. Very nice, they have peacocks in the garden in Villa Vrndavana and we had very sweet kirtan there. It was very nice. Also, some pizza but it was offered to Krsna. So the best of both worlds, Italian pizza and prasadam. And that way one gets the eternal dimension. It makes everything meaningful.





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