(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 03 November 2013, Vrindavan, India, Lecture: Damodar Lila)

lamp offering_vrindavanKartik is the month of Urjja Vrata – the vow to offer the lamp to Krsna. But just the lamp, is that all? Obviously, when the lamp is offered, it gives us the opportunity to deeply meditate on the form of Krsna. We offer the lamp to his lotus feet, and then we circumambulate his waist with the lamp, then his face, and then his entire body. In this way, we can offer our lamp and in a very concentrated and in a focused way, drink-in the form of the Lord. Undoubtedly, in this way, we can go deeper into our resolve that there should be nothing but devotional service to Krsna. Nothing else – may that be our absorption.




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