(Kadamba Kanana Swami, September 2013, Cape Town, South Africa, Srimad Bhagavatam 8.20.13)

the-spiritual-stairsWe see only the tip of the iceberg and never really know what is going on all levels. We cannot see and that is the whole problem. I may look at the person sitting opposite of me. I may know his name. I may know something about his life. I may know something about his nature and I may think, “I have figured him out! Yes, okay put a number on him.” But the truth is that I do not know who he was in his last life. I have no idea. I do not know who he was in the last hundred lives, I have no idea. Nor do I know what he will be in the next hundred lives, I do not know. Or if he will go back to Godhead in this lifetime?  I hope so but I do not know. How can I know? But Krsna knows all these things.

When Krsna acts, all the factors are part of the equation. When we are acting there are always a few factors and when we do something, we hope that it will all work out, “May god help me.” We hope that everything is going to be okay, even after we have made all the plans and executed it perfectly – we hope that it will all work out with fingers crossed and so on. But Krsna makes the perfect arrangement. So certainly, Krsna is interested in the good of all. Krsna is certainly interested in uplifting the entire universe and Krsna is always making arrangements for the spirituality within the universe to be available to all and that the spiritual path remains open.


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