(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 21 December 2011, Cape Town, South Africa, Srimad Bhagavatam 7.14.2)

The internal energy is the activity or the energy that pleases Krsna. It is the pleasure potency that has the power to please Krsna. Nothing else can please Krsna. In the interaction with devotees, there is that energy that can please Krsna, if the interaction between the devotees is pure. But if it is based on false ego, it may not always please Krsna. In the exchange with devotees, there are principles that are pleasing to Krsna because devotees are after all appreciating devotion to Krsna, in each other. Isn’t that what we appreciate a devotee for! You know, when we see a devotee who makes a sacrifice in devotional service, we appreciate it.

Dwarka.3_slideshowLast year, I went to this BBT conference and there was this little mataji from Kenya who impressed everyone. She is like, just a tiny Indian mataji, as Indian matajis come!. And she was just standing there in the streets of Nairobi, right there, downtown, in the heart of the African city and all day long distributing books to all these kinds of people.

It’s not soft! Everyone knows that is like; that is serious street life but she is out there and she is doing it. She’s just bubbling with enthusiasm and with determination. She sort of says, “Yes, it’s okay. I have my spot and I stand close to some security guard and he is my friend. I keep my extra books there and at the same time, he keeps an eye on me also.” You know, in this case, she has got it all like under control. She just looks very innocent but totally fixed and determined and like “Bang!” and everyone walks away with a book. She impressed everyone with her dedication.



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