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I wish you a happy Hare Krishnamas. 2013 has been a wonderful year and things are getting even better.  However we had our fair share of problems – bad hosting, being offline for a week, uploading not working… but we pulled through! And, we did amazing things – new Facebook profile, new newsletter, new media page, new hosting, improved speed. Some other new features include the author displayed on each post and a refreshed layout. There is more good stuff in the planning!

KKSBlog numbers for 2013

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  • received 8510 page views/month
  • most visitors came from South Africa, India and the UK
  • our best month was November 2013 in terms of number of views
  • had 400+ new articles posted
  • most read article was “Strong Medicine” with 848 views
  • was offline for one week
  • is using 35 GB of data
  • has 6780 photos and 486 mp3 files

Our Team

Who gives you the daily news? And who creates all these wonderful quotes and transcripts? This is not possible without the constant work & energy of our core team. We like to say an extra special thank you to:

Our team is much bigger. Check out our team page

Our Backers

KKSBlog is made up of our team and supported financially by our backers. All in all, it is a community effort and were are very happy that it works out beautifully. We like to thank our backers that supported us in 2013 and will hopefully support us in the future again. Special thanks to:

  • Aindavi dd, Australia
  • Anonymous
  • Astha Sakhi dd, Netherlands
  • Bahulasva das, Sweden
  • Csaba Szabo, Hungary
  • Csitraketu das, Csaba Szabó, Hungary
  • Doyal Govinda das, Germany
  • Gita Govinda devi dasi, The Netherlands
  • Govardhanesvari dd, Germany
  • Keshava Madhava das, Switzerland
  • Madhava das – Mica Pilsbury, Australia
  • Nadia mani dd, Netherlands
  • Nama rupa devi dasi, Sweden
  • Padmanabha, Australia
  • Ravindra Svarupa Das, The Netherlands
  • Shiva Nanda, Syama Chandra das, Australia
  • Stritama Shereitt, Hawai
  • Subash Velagapudi – Sudama das
  • Sveta Ganga dd, Nayanabhirama d, Australia
  • Vanessa Schutz, Switzerland
  • Yajneshvar Arumugam

Our backers supported us financially with almost 1800 euro. Visit our support page for all the details.


2014 – Things to come

2014 will be a year of “things to come”. We started in Nov 2013 by making all the albums of Kadamba Kanana Swami available for purchase & download. More media will be added in the coming months. Nama-rupa dd from Sweden is helping us to edit our mp3 media collection. Thanks to Saurabh Agrawal, we have corrected many problems with our website. This proves yet again that KKSBlog is a community effort, already running for 8 years. Lets continue it…!

2014 Already??! – What did i miss?

A lot.

We have also launched the new media page. Here you will find media and links from Kadamba Kanana Swami and Jayadvaita Swami. All audio albums by Kadamba Kanana Swami are easily available…


Other updated pages

Finally, thank you to you, OUR READER, for following KKSBlog and for liking & sharing our posts!

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