(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 21 November 2012, Cape Town, South Africa, Evening Talk)

Philosophy helps us to remember how everything is connected to Krsna, even when we forget him all the time. I mean, I’ve given these examples of how good we are in forgetting Krsna. I mean, we can chant sixteen rounds and not think of Krsna even once (laughter). Chant sixteen rounds, never thought of Krsna once. You know what I’m talking about? You know, not even once, right!!


We are amazingly good in forgetting Krsna even in the middle of the Hare Krsna temple where everything is Krsna, Krsna, Krsna, Krsna – we forget Krsna. Maybe in the temple you remember Krsna a bit but as soon as you step out the gate, Krsna is gone. As soon as there is a movie playing…

I was sitting in the dentist’s waiting room yesterday and then this thing started with some mummies, drooling mummies on the screen. It is really hard, you know… terrible monsters… and then the fight. Again and again, it sucks you in. It is just amazing, the power of the video screen. It is stupid and you know it’s stupid. You are watching it and you say, “This is totally stupid,” but still you are watching it. God, oh, God.

So the power of the material energy to help us forget Krsna is very strong. Therefore, philosophy helps us to see that everything is connected to Krsna, so we need it. We need all these crutches of karma and jnana (knowledge) at this stage.


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