(Kadamba Kanana Swami, October 2013, Melbourne, Australia, Sri Hamsaduta Seminar 2)

govardhan-puja-iskcon-juhu-2012-42Govardhan, in his role as a devotee, is just ecstatically running towards Krsna, believe it or not! For the skeptics, what can I say? For the cynics, there are clinics… (smile)

For the devotee, life is a miracle. And this is what Prabhupada said about miracles, “Miracles don’t exist! It is simply that we don’t understand.

So miracles don’t exist. Why is something a miracle? When we’re dealing with Krsna, the unlimited Supreme Lord, are we saying there is something that Krsna cannot do? What is a miracle for Krsna? He’s not limited!

So do you think that Govardhan cannot run? Watch out next time you’re on Govardhan parikrama!





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  1. samir barman on

    this liitle depiction of lord on stone is absolutely heart touching



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