Chandan Yatra - DurbanFrom Mayapur, Kadamba Kanana Swami travelled to Abu Dhabi and then to Johannesburg to meet with engineers & other professionals in the construction field, to assist him with his report on the Mayapur project.

Amidst all of this, for the pleasure of the devotees, Maharaj travelled to Durban for a day, to celebrate the Chandan Yatra festival of Sri Sri Radha Radhanath (19 January). It is the middle of summer in Durban with soaring temperatures & high humidity, and during this festival Their Lordships were smeared with sandalwood paste (chandan) to cool Their transcendental form. Lord Radhanath manifested his Syamasundar form (black in colour) which was truly a rare sight to behold!

Celebrations for the day included the Book Marathon Awards ceremony that glorified the efforts of the devotees during the month of December. Devotees were given the chance to share with everybody their experiences and realizations about book distribution. Afterwards, gifts were handed out by Kadamba Kanana Swami and Ksudi Prabhu (ACBSP).

The day culminated with Maharaj leading an ecstatic Gaura Aarti kirtan. There was definitely some added mercy from the Lord’s special darshan and blessings from the high book scores!

Earlier on the same day, Maharaj lectured at the weekly program at the New Jagannath Puri Temple in Phoenix, about 40 km away from Durban.

Thereafter, it was back to work for Maharaj as he returned to Johannesburg to continue his meetings and he also checked out a potential new home for Iskcon Sandton. On 23 January, he departed South Africa for Radhadesh where he participated in the Radhadesh Mellows kirtan festival which took place last weekend and tomorrow, he returns to India!

Recordings and photos are presented below.


KKS_SA_DBN_19 January 2014_Bhajan

KKS_SA_DBN_19 January 2014_Lecture

KKS_SA_NJP_19 January 2014_Bhajan

KKS_SA_NJP_19 January 2014_Lecture SB 2.9.36

KKS_SA_NJP_19 January 2014_Nrshimadev Prayers



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