(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 04 October 2013, Melbourne, Australia, Kirtan evening)

KKS_leipzig retreat_june 2012By his kind mercy, Krsna has revealed himself in his holy name. Although we cannot see Krsna face to face – other than in his Deity form – whenever we chant the holy name, wherever we are, in any place, any condition of life, Krsna is manifest! Although we may not believe that, although we have heard it many times, although we have read it, although we can philosophically explain it, still we don’t believe it!

Because if we would believe it, then when we would chant the holy name, our hairs would stand on end, in ecstasy. If we would really believe that the holy name is non-different from Krsna, we would change our whole life. We would leave all material interests, if only we would believe that Krsna and his name are non-different. We can quote the verse, if we are little learned, from the Padma-purana:

nāma-cintāmanih krsnas
pūrnah śuddho nityamukto
‘bhinnātvan nāma-nāminoh

But we don’t believe it, what to do! But our good fortune is that even although we don’t believe in this chanting, it still works. Therefore tonight, we, the faithless ones, the ones who actually don’t believe in Krsna’s name, will chant the holy name in the hope that somehow or other, we break through the clouds, break through the ignorance that covers us. Just like here in Melbourne, sometimes for a few moments the sun shines, not too long! In the same way, we hope that sometimes, even for a moment, we can appreciate that Krsna actually is present in his holy name.



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