(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 15 December 2013, Soweto, South Africa, Lecture)

kks switzerlandThis human form of life is a chance, we have got a chance! It is up to us. Srila Prabhupada’s movement came to us. Because of previous sinful activities, we still have sinful desires now. We may say, “I am struggling in spiritual life.” But this just means that in your previous life, you were sinful and that is why you are struggling now.

“I find it so difficult. I find spiritual life so difficult,” means that you were sinful in your last life. If you were a great devotee in your last life then now it would be so easy, so natural. But when you were sinful in your last life, then in this life it is so difficult, you see the point!?

So all right, we may be struggling. In kali yuga, we are all sinful but we understand why we are struggling. So, we need purification by hearing and chanting and taking Krsna prasadam. Some will take shelter of that and some how, we will make it because these things are addictive, you see.

Chanting is addictive, it is hard to stop. Prasadam, “Aaahhh is there more?” Devotee association, you do not find it anywhere else. So, all these things are addictive and it will save us even from our sinful desires at the end of the day. So let us hear, let us chant, let us take Krsna prasadam and somehow or other, chanting just once destroys more sinful activities than we can commit in a lifetime!

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