(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Leicester, United Kingdom, Pandava Sena Program)

kks dec 2012We think that the purpose of life is to enjoy this world because we think that this word is a wonderful playground and we are all meant to have a wonderful time. But this material world is not the place to enjoy.

Heard of Mr Bean? There is an episode when Mr Bean arrives at a hotel, checks-in at the desk and then they take him up to the room. When he is alone up there, from his suitcase he pulls out a drilling machine and starts drilling holes in the wall, everywhere. He puts screws in them, then he pulls out of his suitcase paintings and he hangs the paintings on the wall. Next, he has a flower vase with plastic flowers and he puts out that one. Finally, he puts up the sign: Home Sweet Home, on the wall.

Then he wants to use the bathroom and he realizes that he does not have an attached bathroom. So he checks it out in the corridor and, yes, the bathroom is right next to his room. He has a score blade which he puts on the drill and he cuts out a door somehow or other. He locks the bathroom from the inside and now everything is okay! He puts on his sleeping hat, takes his teddy bear and is ready to go to bed…

This is ridiculous! He is treating a hotel room as if it is a permanent place, as if he lives there! It’s ridiculous and we are doing the same thing – we are treating this temporary world which is just a transit lounge, like a permanent place!

mr Bean portret


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