(Kadamba Kanana Swami, February 2011, Stockholm, Sweden, Lecture)

holding-handsI would say that the world is oversexed, this is the issue. There is nothing wrong with sex – sex is fine. Vedic culture is not hiding it; it is not putting it behind closed curtains. In fact, Vedic culture is very open about it. A couple that wants to conceive a child asks everyone for blessings, which is something you wouldn’t usually do these days!

So Vedic culture, in one way, is quite open about it. It is not hiding sexual activity but rather, it is done in a blessed way. First, one must prepare to conceive a child – not in the back of a car on a Saturday night or something like that, after having drunk quite a bit of liquor – not like that but actually, by purifying the consciousness. It is mentioned that whatever the state of consciousness the parents have, that is the kind of child they will attract at the time of conception. When the male and female secretions mix then from a subtle platform, the living entity enters and the living entity that enters is in a state of consciousness that corresponds with the consciousness of the parents. So if they are drunk, then what do you get!? And so on.

So in Vedic culture before you go ahead, first some purification is required.

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