(Kadamba Kanana Swami, May 2011, Radhadesh, Belgium, Lecture)

We have to be ready to be changed by the vaisnavas, by the directions of the vaiIsnavas.  We have to be ready to give up our own ways, our own ideas and so on.  We have to become soft!

It is said that as one is advancing in spiritual life, gradually the heart softens.  At first it is like a rock,  “I am what I am and who is going to tell me anything!  I am here, surrendering to Krsna and that’s it!  I am not going to listen to anybody, except, okay, the temple president, but that’s about it!”

Hard-hearted!  But gradually, you must become softer.  The heart melts, it is explained.  Gradually, one becomes pliable and one becomes like clay or like dough.  It becomes possible for us to be shaped by the desires of someone else. You have a plan and they will ask you to do just the opposite of your plan and we will say, “Yeah, sure!”  There goes your plan!

That kind of flexibility is possible – that we can just give ourselves to the needs and desires of others.  That is vaishnava!


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