(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 12 December 2013, Midrand, South Africa, Evening Lecture)

prabhupada chanting and talkingTo be part of this movement means to become thoroughly honest, it is said. Thoroughly honest, it is not about not speaking a lie but it is more about being completely dedicated to speaking the absolute truth, Krsna, and not hiding it! Krsna, it’s about Krsna. Not ashamed (laughing)!

What’s that there?”  (pointing at tilak)

Oh that, oh, it’s nothing much”.

No. What is it actually?”

Uh…vaisnava tilak”.

Oh, what is that?”

That is sacred clay, from a sacred place, Gopi-candana. It is placed there (on the forehead) and it is said that between the two lines, Lord Visnu resides, om kesavaya namaha! In this way, in twelve places, the Lord is installed on our bodies. In this way, our body becomes a temple, a sacred place which is to be respected. A sacred place which is meant for worship and nothing else!

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