(Kadamba Kanana Swami, March 2009, Leicester, United Kingdom, Lecture)

nityanandaOne year, on Nityananda’s appearance day, I was in Sydney and something happened. We were having a long kirtan, before that we had some bhajan, aarti and abhishek, so it was getting quite long! The drummers had brought their special drums, so they were into it and did not want to stop. Then it was time for prasadam and they still wanted to have more kirtan but we said let us have soft bhajan during prasadam. So we did – very gentle soft kirtan but then as we were getting to the dessert, the tempo started to pick up and people jumped up from their plates and started dancing right away, which I would not recommend as a general practice!

But they did and somehow or other, within minutes the entire temple was dancing! Next door, there was a restaurant and people came to look at what was going on in the temple room. And as they came in, they joined in the kirtan and also started dancing! Their kids also came and also began to dance. I could understand that Lord Nityananda was manifesting his energy in that kirtan. It was exactly how it is described – when Nityananda was performing kirtan, people would disappear into that kirtan. Their family members would come looking for them and they too would disappear into the kirtan and whole villages disappear into kirtan! This movement is not ordinary.



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