(Kadamba Kanana Swami)

KKS_AUSThe key to build up a spiritual life must be a regular practice in hearing and chanting, preferably on a regulated schedule as much as possible – the same every day, starting early in the morning. One psychologist said that if you do something every day for one month, then it becomes a habit. Can you imagine if we do something every day for a lifetime, then it becomes a second nature.

This is what it means to become situated in the mode of goodness, to build up good habits. Besides the fact that the mind gets trained, the soul which is otherwise in a dormant state in this material world, also awakens by transcendental rasa (taste). It is this ‘higher taste’ that makes us strong in the fight against maya. It is then that we become situated on the spiritual platform. So try and make a schedule for yourself which includes ample time for hearing and chanting. Lord Krsna Caitanya will help you and please pray to his lotus feet every day….



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