vp-vyasapuja-bookThe Vyasa-puja festival en Kingsday are slowly approaching. Soon it will be the end of April. Are you ready to engage yourself in the service of Kadamba Kanana Swami? If you like to come you can register here. And every year we collect your writings, offerings and other poetic endeavours and publish it as a Vyasa-puja book. This will be presented to Kadamba Kanana Swami during the festival in Radhadesh. Sutapa and Yudhistira prabhu’s are working hard on the editing, designing and publication of this very book. The book publication will take almost 1.5 month. But without content the book would be empty, so we are depending on your written contributions.

Please send your texts before the 10th of march. That means you have 17 days to send it. Or 408 hours.

You can send your texts to : vyasapujabook@kksblog.com

Send your offering directly

Use the contact form below. If you cannot see the form then visit this page.

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