(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 20 March 2014, Melbourne, Australia, Srimad Bhagavatam 2.7.52)

snorkelKarma arranges amazing things – amazing, inconceivable things. How could it all come about? There is the karmic story about the man who went snorkeling in Spain, far into the ocean with his flippers. There was a forest fire and one of these big helicopters came with a water tank and they scooped him up and they threw him on the fire! Later, there was an article in the newspaper and I read it and they identified this man. It turned out he had a lobster restaurant. Just see, the workings of karma! Lobsters are also thrown alive into boiling water. He was also alive, thrown on the fire. Karma! Karma catches up in so many ways.

So yes, we see how that happens in the world but when it’s happening to us and then it’s more difficult. Then it’s much more difficult to accept. “How can, I mean, it’s too much! How can all this happen to me? And this is just…”

So, gradually, as we become situated in transcendental knowledge, we gain strength, strength to tolerate and deal with the material energy otherwise, “Phew…it’s too much!” and we get overwhelmed. But one who is well situated in transcendental knowledge is sort of bolstered by that and develops some detachment through that. We know that when things go wrong, “Ah well, that happens in the material energy. We can’t take it so serious”. When something comes to an end in this world, then that’s also life. So it all becomes much more relative actually, all the big things that happen in the world, also the big successes, they also become more relative. So gradually, one begins to see, it’s not so important. The real thing that is important is our spiritual progress.


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