(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 03 October 2013, Melbourne, Australia, Srimad Bhagavatam 2.3.8)

The strong elements of the material world, of the heaviness of our suffering, are the symptoms of Krsna’s strong love. If you really love your son, let’s say a teenager with puberty and everything, you love him but at the same time, he is totally “off” but what can you do?

photo (71)Names withheld but there was one son, who grew up in Krsna consciousness, who went to a party and got drunk to a point where he had to be brought home in an ambulance. The insurance would not pay the bill for such cases. The parents said, “Sorry it is your bill. We are not paying.” A big bill from the ambulance, so suddenly the son had a big debt. Yeah, so it was so heavy. One has to learn to take responsibility for one’s actions. It is a child who does not take responsibilities for their actions but an adult is meant to take responsibility. How many lifetimes are we going to remain children – under eighteen year old children and next life again! When will we actually become mature and accept responsibility for our actions?

That is dharma – that is the path of dharma. It may sound heavy but it sounds only heavy to those who are rebellious. It sounds heavy to those who have had a heavy case of rebelliousness and now say, “Actually of course, I do want to surrender but I just  cannot surrender!’”

This translates to, “I do not want to surrender. I do not want it and I am just looking for any damn excuse I can find to not surrender. So to get you off my back I would say, I want to surrender but I cannot surrender.’”

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