(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 03 October 2013, Melbourne, Australia, Srimad Bhagavatam 2.3.8)

KKS_walkingSrila Prabhupada stated that spiritual life means surrender – there is no question of spiritual life without surrendering. He said, “Just like in the darkness you cannot find the sun. You can go looking in the darkness… Where is the sun? It must be somewhere? But in the darkness, you cannot find the sun. In the same way, in a conditioned state, one cannot find Krsna.” It is not possible. One may look here and there and everywhere but impurity is the condition. Therefore we must just take our shelter in service to Krsna and nothing else.

In all others things, it is so difficult to surrender. This can be translated as: it is so difficult to stop being rebellious, basically. It is so difficult to just stop being rebellious against Krsna, “Why do I have to accept his supremacy? I feel forced. Why is it Krsna? Why is there suffering in the material world – I think he is trying to forcing us into serving him. Is it?”

Why? Because Krsna is impatient. He does it out of love. How long does he have to wait for us to say, “Yes, yes, just now coming.” And then not coming at all. Not coming to serve him at all.



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