Kings day, 26 April 2014

After some bad weather predictions (70% chance of rain and cold), the sun shone in Amsterdam even before the buses arrived at the temple. A full blue sky and shiny sun illuminated a great day that was to be. The weather stayed perfect the whole day by the mercy of Karuna Nitai Gaura Chandra and Radha Londonisvari.

With twelve devotees visiting from London, we got the best of both worlds – great sound was provided by the super rikshaw of Parasurama Prabhu and his supporting crew; Gaura Nitai adorned the rikshaw that accompanied us on this mega harinam; and last but not least the immense support from the ISKCON Amsterdam temple. They provided for our amenities, organised and cooked the lunch prasadam (pasta, breadsticks and halava), and set up and manned the stands at our break location stands. These stands were personally brought and built by Rick Haverbus from Radhadesh. Thank you all!!!

Kings day – Photos

Radhadesh photo album – Kingsday part 1 (facebook)

Radhadesh album – Kingsday part 2 (facebook)

Bhakti Yoga Weimar – Kingsday Happening (facebook)

See more photos and possibly videos on the Vyasa-puja group on facebook (members only)

Kings day Reports

Read the story of Parasurama and his crew :


Kings day – Videos

The 1st part of the Harinam. Video produced by Asta sakhi devi dasi. Cant see the video? Visit youtube.


Wonderful video with the 2nd part of our Harinam and the very special “Under the Bridge” party! Video produced by Asta sakhi devi dasi. Cant see the video? Visit youtube.


Vondelpark – Under the bridge – Kadamba Kanana Swami. Cant see the video? Visit youtube.
Video by: rvd4always


Another from the Vondelpark – Ecstatic moments. Cant see the video? Visit youtube.
Video by: Legenware

Vondelpark – Last part of the Vondel Harinam. Video by Jean-Luc Sleijpen. Cant see the video? Visit youtube.

Museum Plein – Parividha singing. Cant see the video? Visit youtube.
Video by: rvd4always


We got noticed by the local news also.…


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