(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 15 March 2014, Melbourne, Australia, Srimad Bhagavatam 2.7.47)

moleculeWhen Krsna appears in the material world, he appears in his own original form, and not a temporary form that is accepted of the material nature. Like these bodies we have, they have nothing to do with us. These bodies are simply made of material elements and we are separate from these bodies; therefore the body has nothing to do with us. Only temporarily are we together with these atoms, with these molecules, but we don’t remain there – it is only for a short while. So why do we think we have any more relation with the molecules and atoms in our body than the molecules and atoms in this seat? (pointing to his seat) I am seating on this seat now and I am very intimate with these molecules – nice molecules, kind of soft, I appreciate them, for a while, but for how long? Soon I will leave them. So what is my true relationship?

Same thing – molecules in this body, how long, how long will we be together? For a short while only. So what does it have to do with me? Nothing! This is not me. It is a machine and I am inside. Like when you go in the car; are you the car? Some people, if you hit their car say, “You hit me!” No, I did not hit you, I hit your car. So the body is a car and you are inside. In that way we understand we are not the body.


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