jagannatha RYKadamba Kanana Swami’s preaching tour of South Africa continues. His Cape Town stay was interrupted by a weekend visit to the Kwazulu Natal Midlands where he did an evening program in the town of Ladysmith (04 April) and then participated in the Ratha Yatra in Newcastle (05 April). Maharaj was accompanied by HH Bhakti Ashraya Vaisnava Swami, his longtime friend from Vrndavan. On Sunday (6 April), he gave a lecture based on the pastimes of Lord Ramachandra at the temple in Durban.

Recording and photos from these programs are presented below. On Monday (7 April), Maharaj returned to Cape Town and stayed there until Saturday. He is currently in Durban, ready to participate in the world famous, 4 day Ratha Yatra Festival which begins tomorrow (18 April). Please stayed tuned for the more recordings and photos.


KKS SA Ladysmith 04 April 2014 Evening Lecture

KKS SA Newcastle 05 April 2014 Ratha Yatra Lecture

KKS SA Durban 06 April 2014 Rama Navami Lecture


If you cannot view the slide-show below, please visit flickr.


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