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Kadamba Kanana Swami is NOT in South Africa but in the United Kingdom currently. He visited Cape Town from 28 March to 04 April (read all about part one by clicking here) and again from 07 to 12 April. We have a legitimate reason for the delay in this post as a backpack containing the recorder with the recordings, camera with all the photos and laptop was stolen. Thankfully, all media was shared prior to the great theft which has been recovered now and is presented to you below!

In part two of his visit to Cape Town, on the occasion of Rama Naumi, three devotees received initiation. Herman, Vera and Fallon are now Hari Vilas das, Nilachala dd and Vasanti dd, respectively. These devotees are special for various reasons. Hari Vilas das is part of the preaching team at Stellenbosch University who are translating Srila Prabhupada’s books into Afrikaans. Nilachala dd is a student at Stellenbosch University and came to Krsna consciousness through the Bhakti Yoga Society program. Vasanti dd was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth and doctors thought that she would never walk. However, not only can she walk but she can dance as well! On 21 December 2010, Vasanti dd met Kadamba Kanana Swami in the city centre of Cape Town where he was distributing books. She bought a book from him from which led to her coming to the temple and reawakening her Krsna consciousness.

In addition to the Rama Naumi celebration, Maharaj went out on harinam with the devotees, did a university preaching program and a program at the house of HG Medhavi Prabhu (ACBSP). As mentioned above, Maharaj is in London and will give the morning class tomorrow (10 May) at Bhaktivedanta Manor (7:30 am; GMT+1). A live steam will be available via their website.

Later in the day, he will participate in the Birmingham 24 hour kirtan which starts at 2 pm (GMT+1) and will continue until Sunday. This festival will be broadcast on mayapur.tv. On Saturday, Maharaj will lead kirtan from 6-7 pm and on Sunday from 5-6 pm.


KKS_CPT_SA_08 April 2014_Rama Naumi_SB Lecture 9.10.2

KKS_CPT_SA_08 April 2014_Rama Naumi_Initiation Lecture

KKS_CPT_SA_10 April 2014_Stellenbosch_University Program

KKS_CPT_SA_11 April 2014_Stellenbosch_SB Lecture 1.2.22

KKS_CPT_SA_11 April 2014_House Program_Lecture

KKS_CPT_SA_11 April 2014_House Program_Kirtan



If you cannot view the slide-show then please visit flickr.



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    Thank you so much for the update! I recently started to follow GM more than I used to and I find that He is much closer to me now. Thank you for your service for this blog!!! ;o) 😀