(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 29 April 2014, Radhadesh, Belgium, Srimad Bhagavatam 6.4.49-50)

We must, somehow or other, connect to Krsna and that changes everything. We had this one kirtan, a Ratha Yatra actually in South Africa, in Newcastle and it was raining cats and dogs, as they say in English. When it rains cats and dogs, you can understand that it is not just a little bit. It was just raining buckets! It was not clearing up and the Ratha Yatra was postponed for an hour, but there was no hope. It just kept on pouring and pouring, so we had to go out in the rain.

dancing in the rainSo, we went. I had to give an opening speech from the chariot which I did and I remember that I said, “You know, the rain of mercy is greater than the rain of water.” (laughter) I was trying to be positive! Say something positive and get everyone in a positive mood about it, right!

You know, we were just out there and it was raining so much, fish were swimming passed! (laughter) At one point, we just started dancing! To hell with it all and we just started dancing and it became one of the most ecstatic Ratha Yatras we ever had, just dancing like mad men because it was mad, so we got mad! We danced like mad in the rain. We would have never danced mad like that, but because of that rain, it sort of just made us mad! Everyone went berserk and it really brought out something extraordinary. So what can be said, it was a special opportunity!

So, if one takes everything as a special opportunity, a special opportunity to serve Krsna in a special way, then one can rise above this sense of austerity in life. Otherwise, the material austerity will always follow us and burden our mind.


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