Report by Antardvip Das and Bhaktin Klara

New nandagram (7)From Modra (Slovakia), Kadamba Kanana Swami travelled to Czech on Tuesday (20 May). The first stop was at the village Nove Sady or New Nandagram which is a devotee community currently consisting of eight families. In the presence of Their Lordships Jagannath, Baladev and Subhadra, a yajna took place to celebrate the ‘first grains’ ceremony of little Dauji, the son of Gauravani Devi Dasi and Parama Karuna Prabhu.

On Wednesday, Maharaj travelled to Prague and participated in a spectacular maha harinam which included brahmacaris from the Sri Harinam Mandir Traveling Temple of Estonia. The weather was really summer-like and not only did Maharaj make devotees dance but also lots of tourists as well. After the harinam, devotees went to Govinda’s restaurant where they continued glorifying the Lord. Maharaj then gave a public lecture and answered several interesting questions. During the lecture, he again showed his great sense of humour and many times he made all attendees laugh heartily.

czech (32)Thursday was a day for resting and Maharaj had only a morning lecture on his schedule. However, after lunch, he decided to go out for a walk to a village called Svaty Jan pod Skalou, with a few devotees. Although climbing up to the top of hills was challenging for all who were wearing either Birk’s or Crocs shoes, it was definitely worth it. The reward followed in the form of sweet kirtan on the summit and an even sweeter evening lecture that was inspired by singing on the hill. In this lecture, Maharaj took devotees on a very vivid and fascinating walk through Uchagaon (a village in Varsana), the place of Lalita Devi’s pastimes.
On Friday morning, Maharaj again gave the Srimad Bhagavatam lecture and in the afternoon another maha harinam was planned. It started almost one hour late because of rain and during the harinam, it was still lightly raining but this yuga dharma is very ecstatic and for the major part of it, devotees were followed by locals and visitors to Czech, who were enthusiastically dancing and singing.

czech (2)Saturday’s morning lecture took place on the farm Krishna’s Court, where Maharaj stayed until the afternoon. He gave a group darshan to disciples, he rendered sweet kirtan to the deities Nitai-Gauranga and then he returned to Prague, this time to the Harinam Mandir. There he led a long, tumultuous kirtan and the temple room, which is considered by devotees to be big enough for such events, was full to bursting. Slowing down of the heart rate was possible only during the lecture which ended with Maharaj announcing wonderful news – he will return to Czech for Janmastami and stay for a few days!

On Sunday morning (25 May), came the time for bidding farewell. After the Srimad Bhagavatam lecture at the temple, Maharaj departed for Leipzig in Germany where in the afternoon he participated in a program in one of the local parks.

These past few days, the Czech devotees were floating on waves of ecstasy after the very personal and kind association of a pure devotee! Already, everyone cannot wait his next visit. His Holiness Kadamba Kanana Swami ki jay!



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KKS_CZ_Govinda_21 May 2014_Lecture

KKS_CZ_Govinda_21 May 2014_Kirtan

KKS_CZ_temple_22 May 2014_SB_4.28.38

KKS_CZ_temple_22 May 2014_Kirtan_On_the_hill

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KKS_CZ_temple_23 May 2014_SB_4.28.39

KKS_CZ_farm_24 May 2014_SB_8.15.29

KKS_CZ_farm_24 May 2014_Kirtan

KKS_CZ_Harinam Mandir_24 May 2014_Lecture

KKS_CZ_Harinam Mandir_24 May 2014_Kirtan

KKS_CZ_temple_25 May 2014_SB_4.28.41



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