(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 08 April 2014, Cape Town, South Africa, Rama Naumi Initiation Lecture)

krsnaThere exists our internal life. One cannot just be fixed on dharma by determination,”Okay, by intelligence I have understood this philosophy. It makes sense and I am deeply impressed by it. I think it is the truth. I think I am going to adjust my life to it.’ That is intellectual, it is very nice but that still is a burden.

So, one must also have an internal life. Give mercy and go and collect it. Dig deep in the scriptures because in the scriptures, there are amazing descriptions of amazing personalities. Chant, chant the name of the Lord, that name is unlimited. Invest energy, do not chant mechanical, really chant it. Everyday, chant at the best time. Chant the best rounds; make something out of that chanting! That is the internal life.

We must have both, internal life and quality. Otherwise, if it waters down then suddenly, the vows become a burden. If we are not having an internal life then the vows become a burden and then our so-called merciful activities become superficial, just to show! How can you have compassion for others when you do not have a better quality of life? You can only have compassion when you have a better quality of life otherwise you can be like an actor on stage and act as if you are compassionate. Real compassion is only possible when we have a better quality of life ourselves, then it is natural. So we must endeavour for that and rewards will come.


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