Report by Harivilasa das*

FU3_6627In Sweden, the 20th of June was a big day, as the country celebrated Midsummers Eve. For Maharaj, it was also a special day, as he took a break from writing and dedicated the day to devotee association. First on the agenda was a disciple meeting. About eight disciples gathered at the home of Ananta Prabhu in Stockholm, where they spent a few hours with Maharaj just speaking informally and doing a little kirtan. It was a very personal gathering, without the cameras and recorders of more official programs. After a light lunch, everyone headed off toward New Brahmakund, an apartment building where only devotees reside. Many devotees assembled in the basement temple for a pumping kirtan and a wonderful class on the importance of sharing Krsna consciousness, especially if our own sadhana ever gets dry.

Maharaj’s sojourn in Sweden also came to an unexpected end on Saturday (21 June), when Maharaj left for England to attend to some urgent issues. He will be in England until Thursday 26 June, when he will depart for Amsterdam.

*Harivilasa is editing Maharaj’s first draft of the book before it is sent to the reference group for reading and then for final editing



Please click here to view photos taken by Uffe and Raya.


KKS_Stockholm_20 June 2014_Bhajan_Maha manta

KKS_Stockholm_20 June 2014_Lecture_CC Madhya 22.75




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