(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 08 June 2014, Stockholm, Sweden, Srimad Bhagavatam 2.5.14)

maxresdefaultEverything ultimately reminds us of Krsna and attachment to Krsna becomes very deep. This is where philosophy comes to life. What is the point of philosophy without attachment? What is the point? It is nice to understand that Krsna is behind everything. Knowledge helps to sort of see the purpose of life. There is no point really in getting so attached to material things.

Without attachment to Krsna, philosophy has not found its real meaning. Therefore it is attachment to Krsna that makes all the difference. That is the key. Attachment to Krsna is the key that changes reality. When we look upon this world with attachment to Krsna, then we see endless opportunities for the glorification of Krsna. Such nice flowers… for Krsna. Everything!

So it is attachment to Krsna that is really going to automatically change our vision. (Acquiring) knowledge that is a cumbersome exercise. Philosophical knowledge provides us a cumbersome exercise to again apply it to reality.

“This looks really attractive. Wait a minute, wait a minute. It is temporary. Okay. Fair enough but, ah, I see.”
Philosophy relativizes it. “You know, it is damn beautiful but it is temporary therefore do not bother.”

Attachment to Krsna does not require us to relativize anything. Anything is seen in its relationship with Krsna. “How can I use it for Krsna?” The more one sees like that, the more one finds an application.

One of my favourite stprabhupada12401ories is how Prabhupada did this program and a mayavadi was also there. Some mayavadi from India was also speaking and at the end, he gave Prabhupada brochures of his ashram.

He showed him the brochure and Prabhupada said, “Oh, nice brochure, very nice.” It was one of those three-fold brochures, glossy and everything. Prabhupada said, “Oh, very good quality. Nice brochure.”
The man said, “Oh, you like the brochure?”
Then he said, “Yes, yes.”
“Then I will give you a whole box!”
So he gave Prabhupada a whole box. Prabhupada said, “Thank you very much.”

Then he told the devotees to keep the box and at one point during the Sunday feast lecture, Prabhupada asked for the box. He said, “Those brochures from the program, we have that box?”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

“Please bring.” So they brought the box and then Prabhupada said, “Distribute the brochures.”
The devotees were thinking, “Mayavadi brochures? Distribute the brochures? What is going on?”

All the brochures were distributed and Prabhupada said, “Did everyone get a brochure? Did everyone get a brochure?” Then he said, “Okay, now open the brochure. Yes, open the brochure and put it in front of you.”

Then he asked the devotees to serve prasadam on those brochures and he used the brochures as plates because they were so glossy; they used them as plates! In this way, Prabhupada engaged these mayavada brochures in the service of Krsna and in that way, the mayavadi, for his sincere offering to Prabhupada, of giving him a whole box, made so much advancement. This is seeing with attachment to Krsna.

IMG_2492When one sees with attachment to Krsna, one sees all kinds of applications. When one sees with knowledge, then it may be, “Oh…whisky, whisky, whisky,” but Prabhupada simply said, “Krsna is the taste in whisky.” That is seeing with attachment to Krsna so it is that attachment to Krsna that is the key, the key to actually see things as they are and to really appreciate everything in the service of Krsna.

Who says you cannot use whisky in the service of Krsna? You can! The only thing is it is meant for the outside, not for the inside. If you have a cut on your finger, it is a good disinfectant. It does the job. I have seen it in many Western movies, right, where the cowboys take the whisky and put it on the bullet wound, and it always seemed to work. So in this way, application of matter in the service of Krsna requires intelligence and attachment to Krsna and that is the key, dadāmi buddhi-yogaḿ taḿ (Bhagavad-gita 10.10). Krsna gives us the intelligence by which we can come to him.



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