(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 27 April 2014, Radhadesh, Belgium, Caitanya Caritamrta, Madhya Lila 22.142)

Srila prabhupada 2Deal with the challenges – don’t cry. Don’t cry about what happens – just make it better. When everything goes wrong, rise to the occasion and face it. When everything breaks down, start again and do it better this time. Understand that Krsna is there, all the time. Without Krsna, it is not possible. Have faith in Krsna that he is there and that through all these struggles and challenges, he will be there and you will meet him at the end. He is there! We don’t see him but as we go through all these struggles for him, and we do it right, at the end we will meet him, for sure.

We remember what the Lord said to Narada Muni when he was still young. He had appeared for a quick darshan only to disappear after saying, “You will not see me again in this lifetime. But now you go on, through all the tests and trials, knowing that I’m there and at the end, we will meet!”

 A man must act in philosophy. A man must act in knowledge, because he is not meant to be so emotional that sometimes he cannot think. He is meant to stay cool and balanced internally. He is meant to absorb the knowledge of Bhagavatam and then purposefully move up in life, saying, “I will live according to this transcendental knowledge, knowing that every step of my life is an offering to Krsna.” That turns boys into men.



  1. Hare Krishna,Great article by HH KK Swami Maharaj.1. “You can tell a man from a boy by the way he thinks,acts and speaks.”. Also. 2. “Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes!”

  2. Hare Krishna,

    Very inspirational article, with amazing and very intelligent words of wisdom from Kadamba Kanana Maharaja! Thank you so much so sharing this with us! I will remember these wise words in times of struggle and hardship.

    Your servant
    harsarani dd