(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 21 May 2014, Prague, Czech Republic, Lecture at Govindas)


krsnaThe wall of false ego is cemented by pride – ‘I’ and ‘mine’. When we take pride in ‘I’ and ‘mine’, that wall becomes higher and thicker and stronger. By cultivating humility, we diminish that wall of false ego and we gradually come to the point of taking shelter of Krsna. Then we start really chanting from the heart, and we start dancing in ecstasy.

In this way, we knock a hole in the wall of false ego and we can look through and catch a glimpse of Krsna. Little by little, we knock more and more holes and we get more and more glimpses of Krsna, until one day there is hardly anything left of the wall. Then Krsna is kind enough to manifest himself personally. Krsna will come up to that wall and kick it down! He will personally smash it to pieces.

That is how nice Krsna is. So just keep on chanting and dancing!


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  1. Hare Krishna,This is a “Spiritually Refreshing” lecture by Maharaj.”I,Me,Mine” are the symptoms of The Disease ;False Ego and KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS is the only Medicine!Thank you for posting this.