(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 07 July 2014, Serbia, Summer Camp, Caitanya Candramrta Seminar Part 1)

Sri Caitanya-candramrta by Srila Prabodhananda Sarasvati

Chapter 1, Verse 6

“When Lord Gauracandra’s devotees, who are worshiped even by the demigods, drink the wonderfully sweet nectar of bliss of pure love of God that flows from the lotus flower of Lord Gauracandra’s feet, they become completely intoxicated. In that condition they laugh at Lord Brahma and the other demigods, condemn the impersonalists and yogis, and do not consider the great devotees of Lord Visnu who do not worship Lord Gauracandra to be very important. Let us glorify that Lord Gauracandra!”

mayapur_gaurangaIn India, so many people bow down every day to the demigods. If you go to the city of Benares, the presiding deity of the city is Lord Shiva and on the banks of the Ganga, there are thousands of brahmanas performing different pujas very piously, every day. Many people also join in that worship – practically to worship the devatas, demigods, but such worship will give only temporary benefits. So why would we bother for temporary benefits? What is the point? It will only make it worse.

After the Russian revolution in 1918, so many Russian aristocracies went as refugees to Western Europe. Many of them used to be prominent personalities in the government and used to appear at royal gatherings, wearing opulent uniforms. When they went to Western Europe, somehow or other, most of them got jobs as porters or door-keepers of hotels. All big hotels had Russian refugees who were there, dressed in their uniforms as before. But this time – a lost glory! So, when one has material success, it is worse than not having any success because one will lose it again and then the pain is much greater. Once you have been rich, how can you be happy with ordinary things? Therefore, praying for material benefits is never beneficial.


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