Report by Antardvip das and Bhaktin Klara

After teaching at that Kirtan Course in Radhadesh, Maharaj arrived in Prague, Czech Republic late on Saturday night (19 July).

After taking rest in the Luzce temple, Maharaj left for the Prague city center where at Wenceslas Square, the 7th annual Ratha Yatra was just ready to start. Upon getting there, without further ado, Maharaj started the festival by offering the coconut and then led a rousing kirtan in the procession. Other honored quests at this immensely auspicious event were Bhakti Nityananda Swami and the Mayapuris who concluded the harinam with their energizing bengali melodies and mrdanga playing. What followed was a stage show with many nice performances, like: sitar recitals, bhajans, bharat-natyam dances and a Mayapuris show. In between, Maharaj gave a charming lecture about the meaning of the Ratha Yatra festival. The evening culminated with a rocking kirtan and Maharaj, supported by the Mayapuris, made many of the guests dance.

After such exhausting program on Sunday, the next day at the temple was dedicated to resting. Still, in the evening, Maharaj gave a Bhagavad-gita lecture. He raised a question of what will we do to sustain our Krsna consciousness and what will we do to preserve our movement as a whole?

On Tuesday morning, Maharaj gave the Srimad Bhagavatam lecture and in the afternoon he moved to Prague’s relatively new preaching center, the Harinam Mandir, where he stayed until Friday. Local devotees were happy because although Maharaj had already lectured there a few times, until now, he never stayed for several days.

Before Maharaj gave the morning lecture on Wednesday, he agreed that some devotees could be present at his puja for Giriraja, even with a video camera! During the puja, he explained various details about the worship of a Govardhan sila. After the lunch, Maharaj took a short walk with several disciples along the river and in the evening, by his presence, he favoured one of Prague’s Govindas restaurants where, taking us to Vrindavan, he gave a public lecture preceded by tumultuous kirtan.

Thursday started in the Harinam Mandir again with a Srimad Bhagavatam lecture. In the evening, there was public program with amazing kirtan and lecture from Caitanya Caritamrita on the topic of Ratha Yatra.

On Friday, Maharaj left for the airport. Czech devotees are really blessed because after attending Kirtan Mela in Germany, Maharaj will shortly come back on Balarama Purnima for the opening of the new temple in Nove Sady. Maharaj will also celebrate Janmastami in Czech, on the farm. Everyone is invited for these wonderful events!


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